We harness the power of comedy, digital literacy and research to counter violent extremism and gender stereotypes.



We partner with leading comedians around the world to produce entertaining videos that counter terrorist narratives.

Digital Literacy

Our workshops empower participants to defend themselves against fake news and extremist messaging.

“My Power” Social Media and Counter-narrative training
Location: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines
On behalf of UN Women, Mythos Labs taught 150 first-time social media users across Asia how to write, film, edit and upload counter-narrative videos centered around the theme of “my power” (“amar shokti” in Bangla, “lakasko” in Filipino and “kemampuanku” in Bahasa). Videos showed female protagonists using their inner strength to overcome major problems.
By helping young women internalize the fact that they are already strong, powerful individuals, this campaign made them less vulnerable to extremists’ empty promises of empowerment.

Training first-time users how to create and manage YouTube accounts

Participants preparing to film their counter-narrative video

Voice Positive Workshops
Location: India (Lucknow, Kolkata, Jammu, Agartala)
In association with Facebook, Mythos Labs trained over 120 college students at universities across India on how to use their cellphones to conceptualize, film, edit and upload humorous videos that counter extremist narratives.
Participants produced 31 digital campaigns featuring 67 original videos that use humor to counter the narrative of violent extremists.

Participants in Kolkata filming their video about right-wing extremism


We advise governments, think tanks and multilateral organizations on strategic communications.

CVE Communications Guide

Mythos Labs was commissioned by the US State Department and Hedayah to create a CVE Communications Guide that highlights the latest trends in extremist communications as well as best practices for how governments and multilateral organizations can counter VE messaging. The Guide has since been adopted by numerous governments across Asia and the Middle East.

CVE Communications Strategy for Government of Kosovo

Kosovo has produced more foreign fighters per capita than any other Western nation. Mythos Labs has been tasked with developing the Government of Kosovo’s inaugural CVE Communications Strategy.


US Department of Homeland Security


US Department of State

UN Women





Mythos Labs is led by Priyank Mathur who previously served as an Intelligence Analyst at the US Department of Homeland Security, Global Consulting Director at Ogilvy and Mather and Contributing Writer for The Onion.