Grow Green Girl Business Bootcamp for
Women Ecopreneurs

Mythos Labs, in collaboration with The High Commission of Canada in India, organized the ‘Grow Greener Girl’ business bootcamp, empowering 22 female founders of early-stage green startups from India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The initiative provided comprehensive training, resources, and skills essential for the growth of eco-friendly businesses. This collaborative effort not only equipped participants with tools for success but also fostered a supportive network among female entrepreneurs, promoting knowledge exchange and guidance in entrepreneurship. Additionally, in partnership with the UN Environment Programme, Mythos Labs extended its impact, training 20 women founders from across Asia on marketing, communications, and branding. The 3-day workshop incorporated innovative techniques, including the use of comedy and entertainment to amplify each startup’s message. Participants left with tangible assets and strategies, such as brand pyramids, customer personas, marketing plans, channel strategies, and video advertisement scripts, contributing to the sustainable development of their green businesses.