Our Projects in India

Fighting Terror with Comedy in India
Using comedy to counter the narrative of ISIS
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SMILE: Social Media and Internet Literacy E-module
Edutaining online course in which popular comedians teach users how to combat misinformation, online harassment and threats to digital privacy
Grow Green Girl
Marketing and business training for female eco-preneurs
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Researching the Impact of COVID-19 on Online Misogyny in Asia
Using machine learning to understand if/how COVID-19 is influencing online misogyny
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Using comedy to counter gender stereotypes used by ISIS to recruit women
Asia's Unsung Sheroes
Using humor to tell the stories of Asia’s unsung female heroes
How to Fight Terror with Comedy
Training the next generation of comedians in India and Malaysia to create comedic CVE videos
The Famdemic
Five Comedians. Five Countries. One message.
Campaign to promote digital safety and online privacy in India
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#CheckKiya: A Campaign to Fight Misinformation
Using edutainment to raise awareness about online misinformation amongst elderly internet users
‘Grow Greener Girl’ Business Bootcamp
Training and networking opportunity for female ecopreneurs