Our Projects in Libya

Counter Mis/Disinformation Trainings in Libya
Training journalists and social media users to counter misinformation and disinformation online
A Viral Video to Fight Misinformation: فاطنيلكم#
Using edutainment to combat online misinformation
Media and Civil Society Trainings in Libya
Online safety and media literacy trainings for journalists and human rights activists
Combatting Disinformation in Libya
Identifying sources of disinformation and assessing their impact
Promoting Tolerance and Human Rights in Libya
Training activists and civil society leaders to create ‘edutaining’ videos promoting tolerant narratives
Edutaining Videos to Counter Mis/Disinformation in Libya
Using AI and edutainment to counter mis/disinformation
#YouAreThePower: Promoting Gender Equality in Libya
Informative videos highlighting women’s issues