Our Projects in Malaysia

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Researching the Impact of COVID-19 on Online Misogyny in Asia
Using machine learning to understand if/how COVID-19 is influencing online misogyny
Asia's Unsung Sheroes
Using humor to tell the stories of Asia’s unsung female heroes
ExtremeLives DP
Season 3 of ExtremeLives
An informative, entertaining docu-series about the people affected by violent extremism in Southeast Asia
Comedy for Change Festival
A live comedy festival promoting democratic values
How to Fight Terror with Comedy
Training the next generation of comedians in India and Malaysia to create comedic CVE videos
Using Comedy to Deradicalize High-Risk Individuals
Creating comedic CVE videos targeted at high-risk individuals
The Famdemic
Five Comedians. Five Countries. One message.
For Facebook Test
Promoting Women in Law Enforcement in the ASEAN Region
'Edutaining' videos about the importance of gender equality in law enforcement